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5 Family Friendly Watersports And Activities

Taking the family outdoors can be a wonderful way to spend time together, as well as reap the benefits of being in nature. For many, it is the water that best suits their interests, whether they prefer to spend their mornings by the sea or waste away an afternoon by a lake. Such environments work especially well for families because there are a number of watersports that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike, even throughout the year.

To inspire your next escapade into nature or get the entire family excited about the outdoors, we’re sharing five of the best watersports that you can enjoy in both the height of summer and during the long winters.

Magnet Fishing


Growing in popularity due to social media trends, magnet fishing is becoming an activity enjoyed across the UK. By taking strong magnets and lowering them into different bodies of water, generally rivers and lakes, individuals and groups are able to collect, or “fish”, for objects and lost treasures. Some pursue the activity to help find lost and valuable items, while others seek to clear waterways from debris and rubbish.

Regardless of why the activity is chosen, it can be a fantastic and low-cost endeavour for families to explore locations in new and exciting ways. Just be sure to familiarise yourself with potential risks before heading out.

Wild Swimming

While it may take a little coaxing to get younger children into the water, wild swimming is a brilliant and zero-cost activity that keeps families active and outdoors. And, promising you can overcome the initial chill, cold water swimming trends have demonstrated that it is an activity that can be enjoyed year-round.

Be sure that younger family members do not spend too long a period of time in cooler water or are equipped with their own wetsuits. It can also be useful to bring along changing robes too!


One of the reasons paddleboarding is now among the most popular watersports in the UK is because of its accessibility. Families can embark onto the water knowing that adults and children alike will be able to have fun.

For younger adults and children, there are a variety of paddleboard sizes that may be more suitable than full-sized designs. Alternatively, there are larger boards that can even accommodate more than one person, allowing little ones (and even dogs!) to join an adult on the water.

Whitewater Rafting

If your family are looking for more of an extreme and thrilling endeavour, there are a number of locations around the UK that offer the opportunity for whitewater rafting. This adrenaline-fuelled adventure sees watercraft navigate fast-moving waters, requiring a group of individuals to both communicate and steer across the environment; a challenge that requires families to work together.


Paddling downriver or pushing oneself out to a hidden cove is a wonderful opportunity for adventure, which is why many families invest in a canoe. These sturdy crafts can accommodate groups, as well as equipment for camping and picnics, opening up a variety of locations for exploration.

Ben Emery
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