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Ten Of The Best Outdoor Activities For Keeping Fit

Staying in shape doesn’t necessitate going to the gym. In fact, many choose to keep fit by leading active lives, those that are filled with outdoor adventures. Different activities can benefit physical health in various ways and whether you’re looking to improve your cardio or build your body strength, there is certainly an outdoor activity that can help.

If you’re looking for inspiration and an activity that will get you outdoors to exercise, then we have ten of the best examples for you.


There are a number of reasons as to why running is one of the most popular outdoor activities and, while its cardiovascular benefits are certainly celebrated, it is running’s accessibility that makes it so easy to pick up. One only needs the right shoes and a good route to begin adding outdoor exercise to their routine.

Wild Swimming

Another easily accessible activity, promising you have access to a body of water, is wild swimming. Much like running, one only needs the right attire to pick this activity up. However, there is a significant difference that attracts many to jump in the water, which is that swimming is a low-impact workout.


Some, however, want their outdoor activity to be more of an adventure, which is where alternatives like paddleboarding come in. Stand-up paddleboarding is fun and physically challenging, offering a great workout with an emphasis on core balance and building body strength.


Climbing is not for everyone, especially since heights are involved. However, promising you can stomach the altitude and are looking to challenge your upper-body strength, then scaling nature’s vertical landscapes might just be for you.


Joining your local football club is a great way to engage in a regular bout of cardio while also enjoying a social activity. While matches may not always be consistent, training is, so be sure to enquire about the expectations of your local group and see whether they work for you.


Focussed on wellness and physical health, yoga, as well as similar activities such as Tai Chi, can be enhanced when taken outdoors. This is because the benefits of being outdoors and in nature complement the culture of well-being that yoga promotes.


Whether you pick up a skateboard or a pair of roller skates, these activities are surprisingly demanding and are great ways for individuals to develop their stamina and dexterity. And, while they are often associated with youth, their new popularity is seeing a great number of adults get involved too.


One of the best ways to incorporate a new activity into your life is to combine it with part of your schedule that already exists. This is why cycling is immensely popular, because many are able to use their daily commutes as a way to exercise. So, if you’d like to burn calories and engage in cardio, consider swapping your car journey for a bike ride.


While kayaking is more specialised than most activities when it comes to working out, the benefits it does bring to the upper body are well-regarded. Even a short adventure on the water can engage a number of muscles and help to build upper body strength.

Ben Emery
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